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Stemm - Blood Scent
Every once in a while you come across a band that makes reviewing really worthwhile. Stemm from Niagara Falls, New York is such a band. They signed a license deal with the Ultimate Fighting Championship in 2002. They branded the band as The Soundtrack to the UFC. The band is now armed with their own national distribution deal which led to their own label called Catch 22.
Although ‘Fight The Pain’, which was the song they wrote for UFC, isn’t really what the band stands for today musically, they still get their piece of the pie. On the other hand it's good to hear the band has evolved because with that song influences of Machine Head and Flaw are cleary too present. The band has clearly evolved from the nu metal/ rapcore genre into a monster of its own. On several occasions they made me think of Machine Head, Pantera and maybe even some Stone Sour, but overall still with a face of its own.
In the words of vocalist Joe Cafarella ‘This is our Vulgar Display Of Power’. He obviously isn’t saying they copied that masterpiece. According to Carafella this album should give you the same raw energy and feeling as that masterpiece. Well to be honest Blood Scent doesn’t have the same effect on me as that album. On the other hand I do have to admit that Stemm did a nice job creating this album.
It’s balanced, it has a killer production and most of all it triggers something inside me. Something that makes me drive faster, mosh harder and listen intenser. Maybe Carafella was right after all with this album. I’m curious about my opinion on this album in a month or two.
Stemm - Blood Scent
85/1001Details Catch 22
Released on Tuesday Apr 21st, 2009

Writer @Niamen on Monday Jul 6th, 2009

Tags: #Stemm
Tracklisting 01. Blood Soaked
02. House of Cards
03. One King Down
04. Awake
05. The Devil Walks Among Us
06. Broken Face Masterpiece
07. As Real As it Gets
08. Wish
09. Beneath My Skin
10. Never Will I Break
11. Casualty for Prayer
Line up Joe Cafarella - vocals, guitar
Alex Scouten - guitar
Steve Crowl - bass
Dan Nelligan - drums