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The Devil Wears Prada - With Roots Above and Branches Below
2005 marked a little deception for the music genre in general when The Devil Wear’s Prada first formed. With a name like that besides being a Christian band and making MySpace metalcore you won’t amuse me for long. With Breakdowns Above and Breakdowns Below is already their third piece of crap in 4 years time (trying to be as productive as Striborg?) and they’re unfortunately here to stay, because the kids dig it.
Well there’s not much else to say about this band. The album kicks off with a track called ‘Sassafras’ (what’s in the name?) pretending to be very brutal and heavy with some annoying keys in the middle of the track, breakdowns everywhere and down-the-road-not-across-the-street clean vocals at the end of the track. There’s not much difference from 2007’s Plagues and 2006’s Dear Love, A Beautiful Discord besides the fact that breakdowns are very hot “within the scene” at the moment so the record is filled with that. The kids want it, the kids get it.
If you’re looking for a 13 in a dozen “metalcore” band with growls combined with clean singing, very “epic” keyboard parts, breakdowns everywhere, nerdy song titles (‘I Hate Buffering’ wtf!) and lyrics that spread the love of the lord, be my guest. But from my point of view, The Devil Wear’s Prada just made one of the most repetitive and boring albums in the history of heavy music, or however you want to define it. On top of that, the ballad ‘Louder Than Thunder’ made my weener shrink to an absolute zero-point and I think that’s about the last line I want to add to this review. Absolutely essential for the MySpace-emos or if you look as lame as the band itself but not for our Metalrage readers. Avoid at all costs.
The Devil Wears Prada - With Roots Above and Branches Below
34/1001Details Ferret Records
Released on Tuesday May 5th, 2009
MySpace-Metalcore / Emo

Writer @Brent_ on Thursday Jul 9th, 2009

Tags: #The Devil Wears Prada
Tracklisting 01. Sassafras
02. I Hate Buffering
03. Assistant To The Regional Manager
04. Dez Moines
05. Big Wiggly Style
06. Danger Wildman
07. Ben Has A Kid
08. Wapakalypse
09. Gimme Half
10. Louder Than Thunder
11. Lord Xenu
Line up Mike Hranica – screaming vocals
Jeremy DePoyster – rhythm guitar, clean vocals & whining
James Baney – keyboards, synthesizer, piano
Andy Trick – bass guitar
Daniel Williams – drums
Chris Rubey – lead guitar