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Tommy Bones - Tommy Bones
In the recent past rocker Tommy Bones has gained quite some attention in Texas. He (and his two fellow band members) don’t seem to care a whole lot about signing a deal with a record company, neither do they seem to care about an extremely well produced album with high quality artwork. Tommy Bones seems to care about one thing and one thing only; making pure, raw and heavy music.
As I read about influences from Metallica, Anthrax, Slipknot and Pantera I didn’t really know what to expect from this Texas trio. Let me tell you, it becomes clear the minute you start playing this EP. When hearing Tommy’s vocals I can’t help but thinking about an underground rock ‘n’ roll band. In this case however, that’s not a problem at all, since it fits the raw mix of thrashy and modern metal influences. I can imagine that Tommy Bones rocks your socks off during a live show. It’s that kind of band nobody knew before yet positively surprises everyone present in the venue.
That actually brings me to my conclusion right away when it comes to the quality of the production. It’s not great yet it sounds pure. It’s certainly not commercial music in any way but raw and honest metal/rock ‘n’ roll with hints of different styles of metal. You might need some tracks to get into this stuff but once you’re there, my guess is that you’ll like Tommy Bones anyway. This band is not so much original as it sounds passionate and right from the heart. I doubt if it’ll be enough for a breakthrough outside Texas / the U.S. but it sure will do the trick live in a small, sweaty venue.
Tommy Bones - Tommy Bones
No ScoreDetails Independent
Released on Wednesday Dec 31st, 2008
Metal / Rock 'n Roll

Writer @Boek on Monday Jul 13th, 2009

Tags: #Tommy Bones
Tracklisting 01. Walk In Hell
02. Murderous Rage
03. My Hate
04. Fight
05. Burn
Line up Tommy Bones - Vocals, Guitar
Jon Terranova - Bass
Mike Falzarano - Drums