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The Chelsea Smiles - The Chelsea Smiles
The Chelsea Smiles is a band formed around an ex-Danzig member that will rock your socks off. However, there are many, many more bands formed around an ex-(insert desired band) that rock your socks off, but somehow never rise above mediocracy. So what makes The Chelsea Smiles different? What is it that defines this band? How will they survive in the everchanging world of rock 'n' roll?

Well sad to say, not a whole lot! Don't get me wrong, this is a good band, and this is a good record. But that's it....except for the fact that there is an ex-(insert desired band) member in it, not a whole lot defines this band as an addition to the RnR landscape. Guitars are good, drums are good, production is good, vocals are good, organs are good, it's all just good. This is one of those records you put on while playing Tiger Woods 2009 on your X-Box (or something similar).

This album will please you and it rocks, true. But when you're looking for something new, just leave it. Bands like Hellacopters made tons of records alike. Even the obligatory 'look here, it's my soul right in front of you' accoustic ballad is on there ('Broken Lullabies'). Thank god the Stones (do I really need to put 'The Rolling' in front of that?) cover 'The Last Time' is almost exactly like the original! This way it will be a nice song at the live concert. Nice record, nothing new, next please!
The Chelsea Smiles - The Chelsea Smiles
Released on Thursday Jul 23rd, 2009
Sleaze rock

Writer @LondonCustoms on Thursday Jul 23rd, 2009

Tags: #The Chelsea Smiles
Tracklisting 01. Take You Away
02. On The Run
03. Drowned
04. Iā€™m Gone
05. Action Coming Down
06. Leave You Cold
07. Nothing To Lose
08. So Low
09. Little Misfit
10. Gotta Get Some
11. The Last Time
12. Broken Lullabies
Line up Todd Youth ā€“ Vocals, Guitars
RJ Ronquillo ā€“ Guitars, Vocals
Johnny Martin - Bass
Karl Rosqvist ā€“ Drums