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Paganizer - Scandinavian Warmachine
Paganizer is a Swedish death metal band formed by Rogga Johansson in 1998. This guy has also been active in an enormous list of bands, including Ribspreader, Deranged, Those Who Bring The Torture and Edge Of Sanity to name a few. Scandinavian Warmachine is already the seventh studio album from Paganizer.
Rogga Johansson has recorded sixteen tracks in two eight song sessions. He played all the instruments himself, except for the drums which were handled by Brynjar Helgetun. The result is a groovy Scandinavian death metal monster that lasts for nearly an hour. It’s produced very smoothly and tight, making it a very enjoyable listen for every fan of death metal hailing from the cold North of Europe.
Scandinavian Warmachine really lives up to its moniker, it has some good solid and dynamic songs with a nice collection of growls, grunts and screams and a more than decent production. The only thing I don’t like about it is the Transformers-like creature on the cover of the record, which is quite hideous. For the rest I think every fan of a decent slab of death metal can enjoy this new Paganizer release.

Paganizer - Scandinavian Warmachine
80/1001Details Cyclone Empire
Released on Friday Apr 17th, 2009
Death Metal

Writer @DemonDust on Friday Jul 24th, 2009

Tags: #Paganizer
Tracklisting 01. Forever Scorned 02:53
02. Scandinavian Warmachine 03:33
03. The Flesh 04:22
04. Colder 03:57
05. Thule In Flames 03:24
06. Distracting The Gods To Enable The Slaughter Of Millions 03:21
07. An Icon For The Damned 03:02
08. Crusader 02:39
09. Bonesaw Bonanza 03:14
10. Cold Seed Burning The World 03:57
11. Morbid Panzer Batallion 02:56
12. Onward To Die 04:26
13. Punishment Through Defeat 03:02
14. The Skies Bleed Napalm 03:47
15. Undead Warhead 03:38
16. World Of Smoking Ruins 03:38
Line up Roger "Rogga" Johansson - Vocals, Guitar
Patrik Halvarsson-Myren - Bass
Andreas (Dea) Carlsson - Guitars
Matthias Fiebig - Drums