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Scalping Screen - Twelve Out Of Chamber
This review could be made out of a couple of soundbites, rather than a beautiful story about how Scalping Screen has been around since 2001 and how they've released beautiful stuff and how lovely Finland is and blablablabla......So here we go:

" Loud as fuck!"  (

"28 minutes of pure earbleeding!" (

"Scalping Screen rock out with their cocks out!" (

Boring ain't it? Sorry for that, but this was all that came to me while listening to this record! It's loud as fuck and it rocks. It's all right here, and it's also very, very well produced! The best thing (for me, probably for diehard hardcore fans it won't be) is the accessibility for the non-hardcore metalheads among us. Even though it's definitely hardcore, there's a little twist to it that makes it a bit more metal (if you know what I mean). Guitars are just really loud, Mika's throat is excellent and Spede has some very cool fills in between the animalistic drumpounding!

One thing that one naieve listener should bear in mind; the album length ain't all that! It's been said before, and can't be repeated enough (especially in this day and age of financial crisis); charging people for an album that won't fill half an hour should result in severe penalty!! The other side to that story is that if this album would be longer, it might lose some of its strength and brutality.
This record is (except for the length) very fucking loud and very fucking good! Let's just hope these guys can pull off this raw energy live!
Scalping Screen - Twelve Out Of Chamber
83/1001Details Kneesplitter Rekords
Released on Sunday Jul 26th, 2009

Writer @LondonCustoms on Thursday Aug 6th, 2009

Tags: #Scalping Screen
Tracklisting 1. Two Bladed Sword
2. Turning Point
3. One Way Ticket to Hell
4. Death Penalty
5. Game Over
6. Deal
7. Number One Priority
8. Collapse
9. Minefield
10. Fight for Life
11. Funeral
12. Infected
Line up Mika - Throat
Heke - Drums
Trubbe - Guitar
Spede - Bass
Jani - Guitar