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Wine From Tears - Through The Eyes Of A Mad
Russia’s Solitude Productions keeps sending over albums on a regular basis. Some of it is pretty great, some of it is shit and some of it is in between. What I do like is the fact that they have loads of Russian and other Eastern European doom bands. This is one of them, called Wine From Tears, and they bring us their debut album Through The Eyes Of A Mad.
Though The Eyes Of A Mad? A mad what? Check your English before releasing a record please, haha! No matter, it’s the music that should do the speaking for them. What we have here is yet another clone of the funeral doom legends. Them being bands like My Dying Bride, Katatonia, Paradise Lost, Saturnus, Anathema and you know what I mean. Yet this clone is not one of high quality, yet. Formed in 2002, this is only just their debut album. But their guitarist seems to be a huge fan of guitarists like Joe Satriani and John Petrucci and stuff. Which means he has a very penetrating and apparent guitar sound, which kind of spoils the whole atmosphere for me. It’s depressing and melancholic of course, but then there just keeps being a guy doing solo stuff over it. Too much melody man! That’s a no no for me! Especially when it lasts for over 77 minutes!
Well I’ll take into consideration that this is probably the first time they really get feedback on their music since it’s their debut record. So I’ll say that it’s a fine way to start out, they should just think more about dynamics then about filling every inch of this record with melody. Just pound out a deadly doom riff a bit more often! Through The Eyes Of A Mad is a decent start from Wine From Tears, but they still have a long way to go before they’ll really hit the spot.

Wine From Tears - Through The Eyes Of A Mad
60/1001Details Solitude Productions / BadMoodMan Music
Released on Friday Mar 27th, 2009
Funeral Doom Metal

Writer @DemonDust on Monday Aug 10th, 2009

Tags: #Wine From Tears
Tracklisting 01. Angels Also Die... (Intro) 01:38
02. Since I Fell... 07:02
03. The Sinner 07:45
04. Funeral Time 08:46
05. Night of a Succubus 07:13
06. Close to Katatonia 04:22
07. Bless Me Bleeding Angels 05:57
08. The Secret of the Woods 06:11
09. Before the Gods 07:34
10. Feeding the Angel 05:37
11. My Tears 08:00
12. Meus Altius Pater Noster 07:17
Line up Alexey Nesterov - Vocals/Guitar
Alexandr - Guitar
Elena Firsova - Bass
Maria Zvyagina - Keyboards
Igor Andreev - Drums