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EA is a U.S. funeral doom outfit that have two albums out now, the latter being the one reviewed here. The band is based on the sacral texts of ancient civilizations. These texts were composed using the dead language recreated on the basis of results of archaeological researches. EA is voices of ancients that reached us through centuries. Although is says so in the booklet. Let’s d00m!
Alright, personally I’m not a huge fan of the funeral doom, I prefer the one which stoners the hell out of me. Yet EA manage to create an atmosphere of which a lot of bands can only dream. Melancholic, dragging slow doom metal with many layers, divided over two twenty minute passing songs. The most dramatic melodies, the heaviest, depressing riffage, ancient goliath vocals, pain and despair all over. Yet somehow I also get this bit of misanthropic black metal feel, can’t really explain why, but if I were to picture this music in imagery I’d see woods, endless snowy woods. And mountains. A bit like the Striborg DVD, but in a good way.
I sort of like the way they manage to keep everything as anonymous as possible. There are no credits to be found whatsoever, no members, no studio, no mixer, just the label info. The songs don’t even have titles! A great concept with an extremely good music to accompany it. One of the darkest records I’ve heard, this one will probably end up in my player as winter comes again. Check it out if you hate life, yourself and everything around you. Or if you just like really good funeral doom metal. Evoke your worst moments in life with EA!
87/1001Details Solitude Productions
Released on Friday Mar 13th, 2009
Funeral Doom Metal

Writer @DemonDust on Tuesday Aug 11th, 2009

Tags: #EA
Tracklisting 1. Untitled 22.05
2. Untitled 25.22
Line up Unknown