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Perth Express - Discography
This German band has been around in the German hardcore DIY scene since the summer of 2003. At the point of writing this review, Perth Express (R.I.P.) has been broken up for over a year already. They broke up straight after their US tour with Trap Them in the summer of 2008. This is basically some kind of discography record, brought out by an American label.

This album contains their first full length album, 10” album, 7” single and their 4 track demo. In total 23 songs of heavy, groovy riff-laden hardcore and experimental metal. This band had quite a following in the DIY squat scene in Europe and after hearing this piece of plastic, I know why!
Perth Express melded a lot of different styles of music into one crushing piece of music! The crushing thunder of crust-core, the speeding precision of grind, the energy of hardcore, the techniques of metal and the head-bangable grooves of stoner-rock. Some bands that certainly come to mind are His Hero Is Gone and Tragedy, but also a faster version of Baroness and Kylesa.
Lyrically they sing about all kinds of political and social critical topics in English and in the German language. If you are interested in the topics, all lyrics are nicely printed inside the booklet, with a short explanation. Best songs of the album are by far ‘Ace Of Spades’ (no not a cover-version), which is a fast ripping crusty song, with loads of temp changes. ‘Heidepark Soltau’ is just an amazing song with a great build-up, that sounds a lot like Baroness. Basically this record is filled with highlights, being it the faster crusty, grind songs or the more sludgy/post-rock songs. Perth Express is an awesome band that will be missed for sure!
Topping off this record with an excellent sound from the ‘Kuschelrock Studios’ (Mörser, Acme) and an excellent lay-out from recycled black carton printed with golden paint, makes this record to a ‘must have’ album.
Perth Express - Discography
88/1001Details Teenage Disco Bloodbath Records
Released on Wednesday Apr 1st, 2009

Writer @RoyBalowski on Tuesday Aug 11th, 2009

Tags: #Perth Express
Tracklisting 01. Less Than A Second
02. Schon gewusst?
03. 1001
04. Ace Of Spades
05. Heidepark Soltau
06. Funf vor Pflicht
07. After Many A Summer Dies The Swan
08. End Of The Line
09. 50 degrees 59'N, 12 degrees 26'O
10. Neverending Einbahnstrasse
11. Kollektivdisziplin
12. Gefangen In Der Mikrowelt
13. Perpetuum Mobile
14. Richtungsfolge, Folgerichtig
15. Unterkante Oberlippe
16. Roadtrip To Paradise
17. U-Turn
18. Homo Irrationale
19. Liebenskontrolle
20. Perpetuum Mobile
21. Liebeskontrolle
22. Kollektivdisziplin
23. Richtungsfolge, Folgrichtig
Line up Enrico - vocals, guitar
Matthias - drums
Richard - bass
Steffen - guitar