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Pilgrim Fathers - Dr. Naill Bomblastt (black) & His tigh Minded Scope Trooper (Dog)
This is a new mini EP of this English cosmic/kraut/stoner-rock outfit out of Nottingham. This is their follow-up after their highly acclaimed full length album Short Circular Walks In The Hope Valley. This EP features a new 15 minute long epos, an improvisational jam to accompany a short film and an improvised song recorded in the woods.

Pilgrim Fathers is a band that is heavily drenched in psychedelic music. I bet these guys are heavy dope-smokers and magic mushroom fanatics, because their music is very out there. Musically there are similarities with bands like Dead Meadow, (old) Yes, Monster Magnet and old psychedelic krautrock like Tangerine Dream and Amon Duul II. Even soundtrack-music, like Goblin comes to mind sometimes.
The album opens with the title-track, which is divided in 3 parts and lasts for over 15 minutes. This is the cherry on top of the cake! This song is absolutely great, it has heavy stoner parts that almost sound metal, but also melodic campfire song parts. This has basically everything you can think of in psychedelic stoner, from the eerie sounding soundtrack keyboards, to the groovy guitar-riffs.
Pilgrim Fathers try to do their best to be a unique jamming psychedelic band. They succeed in that with their second song called ‘Black Sail Pass’ which is meant as an improvisational soundtrack for a short animation, which is also featured on this disc. This song is best described as Tangerine Dream and Goblin jamming together, to create a new soundtrack for a new zombie-film, filled in with some noisy stoner-riffs. Great trippy shit! Where is my mushroom tea?
Third song is a song recorded in the Derbyshire Woods by Pilgrim Fathers with about 10 additional musicians. This sounds like a big hippie-commune making music around a campfire (which you can actually hear burning) in the woods. Instruments range from acoustic guitars, saxophone, cello, accordion, banjo and even trumpet. Great EP by an excellent experimental band, that definitely tastes like more.
Pilgrim Fathers - Dr. Naill Bomblastt (black) & His tigh Minded Scope Trooper (Dog)
76/1001Details Undergroove / Suburban
Released on Monday Jan 26th, 2009
Psychedelic Pop / Stoner

Writer @RoyBalowski on Tuesday Aug 11th, 2009

Tags: #Pilgrim Fathers
Tracklisting 01. Dr. Naill Bomblastt (black) & His Tigh Minded Scope Trooper (Dog)
02. Black Sail Pass
03. The Unusual Woods
Line up Gareth Hustwaite - vocals, live effects
Neil Gregory - guitar
Daniel Gardner - samples
Steven Averill - bass
Kevin Richardson - drums