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Fejd - Storm
The history of Fejd goes back to 1995, when two brothers explored their roots and the historical music of their country. As a duo they started to play old Swedish, medieval folk music. Around 2001 they got in contact with childhood friends that played in a metal band called Pathos. They joined forces and Fejd was born.

They released two demos and one EP in the past; this is their first full length album. Let’s set things straight right away, this isn’t METAL. Fejd is musically a folk-band by definition. It’s a journey through Nordic medieval myths and tales, accompanied by some of the most beautiful, melancholic, authentic Nordic folk music, played with old-fashioned instruments. Some instruments used are the bouzouki, Swedish bagpipe, harp, cow horn, wooden whistle, but also the classic guitar, bass and drums. 

I personally really like this music. It's music that takes you away to far, far away countries and forests filled with fairytales and myths about Nordic, Viking mythology. You’ll easily dream away and see yourself dance in the woods between the trees and long grass (shit I sound like a damn hippie). Seriously though, this album is well performed and has loads of variation. Musically there are similarities between Fejd and bands like the Dutch Rapalje and Omnia, but also the Pogues are peeking around the corner. Especially the songs that are a bit more drum and guitar orientated sound a lot like the Pogues, and that’s meant as a huge compliment.

The great thing about this kind of music is that it’s so easy to dream away with and imagine scenery from movies like Braveheart and Lords Of The Ring in your mind. Like one of the highlights of the album, the title-track ‘Storm’. It’s easy to picture myself on top of a mountain, wrapped in bear fur, blowing on a horn. I like this kind of music, but once again if you are looking for METAL, you’re at the wrong place. Are you a bit more open-minded, interested in medieval music and Nordic mythology, you might find this of interest!
Fejd - Storm
74/1001Details Napalm Records
Released on Monday Apr 27th, 2009
Nordic Medieval Folk

Writer @RoyBalowski on Sunday Aug 23rd, 2009

Tags: #Fejd
Tracklisting 01. Offerok
02. Svanesang
03. Alvorna Dansar
04. Vid Jore A
05. Egils Polska
06. Storm
07. Varg I Veum
08. Aril
09. Skuld
10. Likfard
11. Bergakungen
12. Morgonstjarnan
Line up Patrik Rimmerfors - vocals, bouzouki, swedish bagpipe, jew harp, cow horn
Niklas Rimmerfors - keyed fiddler, willow-pipe, backing vocals
Thomas Antonsson - bass
Lennart Specht - keyboard, guitar
Esko Salow - drums