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Underground Fly - Awakenings
Underground Fly is one of the few Polish rock bands that got its name out outside of Poland with their debut album. In their home country this progressive rock quartet is seen as one of the leaders of a new media and music scene that is developing rapidly. Enough information for me to check this one out I figured, and so I did. Here’s Awakenings.
Underground Fly is something I haven’t really heard before. Basically you can expect easy going rock songs that head into many different directions. One song has a more melodic approach while another might be a bit more poppy, like ‘Robo’. Especially this last song leaves me with mixed feelings as it’s the last song of the album but I would have preferred a better closer.
But let’s stick to the music a bit more. The different rock approaches work out quite fine for these Polish rockers. While ‘Clumsy Jester’ and ‘The Fools Truth’ are just damn catchy in a heavier way (the way that makes you nod your head along), ‘Save My Child’ is more like a sing-along ballad. Which makes this album quite diverse. However, it still sounds as a whole. As I read the biography that came along with this album, I discovered that the Polish press tends to call Underground Fly’s style fly rock. And come to think of it, I agree on that one. Although it’s less “fly” than for example Khoma (yeah, still remember that one?!).
Having so many different songs on your album, it’s hard to keep them all equally interesting to all listeners. And of course that also goes for me. So, as I’m pleasantly surprised by some songs, others fail to really convince me. I think this album is really a rock album to sit back and relax by. It certainly has enough to discover so you won’t get bored very easily after listening to it for two or three times. Just think about giving it a try!
Underground Fly - Awakenings
74/1001Details Captive Recordings
Released on Wednesday Dec 31st, 2008
Fly Rock

Writer @Boek on Tuesday Aug 25th, 2009

Tags: #Underground Fly
Tracklisting 01. Clumsy Jester
02. The Fools Truth
03. Liar
04. Little Fly
05. Dance With Me
06. Look At Your Baby
07. 103
08. Poisoned
09. Strange Sunrises
10. Save My Child
11. Robo
Line up Maverick - Vocals, Guitar
Ratusz - Drums
Boss - Bass, backing vocals
Seemoon - Keyboards, acoustic guitar, backing vocals
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