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Möse - Halfway To Nowhere
This Belgian doom/sludge band exists since 2004. In that time they released a couple of split CDs and 7”s, but this is their first full length album. Recently they did a short tour with the Dutch doomsters of Heavy Lord. Fun fact is that the meaning of the name Möse in their local slang is sludge!

Möse found just like their Dutch fellow doomsters Heavy Lord, shelter under the Russian label Solitude Productions. Musically Möse plays heavy, fuzzy sludge-metal with sometimes a rockier sound to it. Somehow this band reminded me a lot to the U.S. cult sludge-band Dove, especially the first song has exact the same guitar sound as Dove. Also a doom-version of Fu Manchu comes to mind. It all sounds pretty good and the lay-out looks excellent, but somehow the riffs don’t come across the way they should. I clearly can hear that this band has good ideas and sometimes good riffs, but in most of the songs they kind of fuck it up with unnecessary guitar-breaks and solos. Let the riff speak for itself!
It’s a shame though, because the first song kicks in with an awesome riff and sound and this song definitely tastes like more, but in the songs that follow the riffs don’t seem to be matured long enough. For instance the instrumental song called ‘Glass’. This song has some decent ideas, but it is also filled with all kinds of boring breaks and solos and effects. Still there is plenty of heaviness and riffs on this album, to make it enjoyable, but this disc could have been brilliant.
If Möse grows in writing great riffs in the future, I think it’s safe to say, that Belgium has a new doom band that will claim the throne. The handfull of songs on this disc that are good prove us this is a band to keep an eye on.
Möse - Halfway To Nowhere
60/1001Details Solitude productions
Released on Friday May 1st, 2009

Writer @RoyBalowski on Thursday Aug 27th, 2009

Tags: #Möse
Tracklisting 01. People Eat Dogs In China
02. The Levee Will Break
03. I Sleep With Demons
04. Hijack Hotel
05. Machines
06. Glass
07. Halfway To Nowhere
Line up Karel Busschop - bass, vocals, effects
Geoffrey Geraert - guitar
David Stubbe - drums