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Faust Again - The Trail
Faust Again was formed in 1999. Driven by a blend of emotions their work has always been marked with sincerity and easily escapes any categorization and transcends musical genres and labelling. Faust Again developed their characteristic powerful sound which combines classical death metal elements with everything that stands for the word progression. So far for what the biography tells us. The Trail is their third full length album and their first album for Bastardized Recordings.
One of the major problems during this album is that my media player on the computer is showing 13 tracks where there are 8 on the album's artwork. But wait that’s not all, also not all of the titles are displayed and the ones that are displayed are probably on the wrong place in the tracklist. Do you still get it? Because I don’t.
After a sort of doomy intro the band starts with ´Papillon´, at least that’s what my media player says. The shit hits the fan, the pedal goes to the metal and my speakers are vomiting a mix of brutal vocals, tight riffing and brutal drums. The vibe within the songs is good and these Polish dudes show that they truly master their instruments. Until this point I still don’t hear any sort of progressive stuff but later on Faust Again are indeed putting in several progressive elements to expand their straight forward death metal in sometimes an Opeth kind of way.
One of the major problems with this album is probably that the first four songs all have their own intro. The result is that every time you have the vibe, you’re letting it go because of the intro that’s completely ruining the feeling. I would give them a second chance without all the intros but until that time I’m not convinced by this third album of Faust Again.

PS: The tracklisting that is shown on this website is the same as on the artwork.
Faust Again - The Trail
55/1001Details Bastardized Recordings
Released on Saturday May 9th, 2020
Death Metal / Progressive Death Metal

Writer @Niamen on Tuesday Sep 1st, 2009

Tags: #Faust Again
Tracklisting 01. The Ninth Gate
02. The Fountain
03. Closed Eyes
04. Call For Life
05. Papillon
06. One Minute Dream
07. Voice Inside
08. The End
Line up Adrian Klementowski - bass
Aleksander Data - guitar
Marcin Palecki - drums
Marcin Pyszora - vocals
Wojciech Warnke - guitar