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Merauder - God Is I

Merauder" title="Search for Merauder">Merauder was one of the first bands to start the metalcore genre back in the mid nineties. Their debut Masterkiller and their sophomore Five Deadly Venoms has been the blueprint for many years when it comes to metalcore. We all know that the modern metalcore is rather different when you compare it to the albums of for example Merauder and Earth Crisis of 15 years ago. The million dollar question is of course if Merauder could live up to the expectations to show all these youngsters how it must be done.


With the awful flat album Bluetality in de the back of my mind I patiently wait until my cd-player starts to play. A wall of brutal sound instantly takes over my apartment and within seconds I’m nodding along, what a powerful way to start the album. Brutal riffs and drums just like the old days. On top of that is the brutal almost barking way of singing of Jorge Rosado.


The metalcore acts nowadays are trying very hard to fit in, to get the right image or to make their next album as good as the last hype. Merauder gives them a nice lesson in metalcore and shows them you should let your music do the talking. If you’re good you don’t need anything else.


With miles ahead of the rest this is the best metalcore album that I have come across in a long time. The staccato riffs, the brutal vocals, the right lyrics and powerful drums everything sounds just the way it supposed to be. Certainly a must have for every metalcore fan especially since you’ll get some proper education about how it should be done. As for the rest of the metalheads, don’t crawl under a stone when you see the sign of metalcore, just check this one out.

Merauder  - God Is I
92/1001Details Regain Records
Released on Sunday Jun 9th, 2019

Writer @Niamen on Tuesday Sep 1st, 2009

Tags: #Merauder
Tracklisting 01. Until
02. Ratcatcher
03. Built on Blood
04. Gangsta
05. Forgotten Children
06. God Is I
07. Perdona Me
08. Hell Captive
09. Intro
10. Ahora
11. Never Surrender
12. See You In Hell
Line up Jorge Rosado - vocals
Darian - guitar
Dave - guitar
Drew - bass
Bobby Blood - drums