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Cuntscrape / Deathfuckingcunt - Splitroast
A long time ago the British empire decided to dump their criminals on an island far away from theirs. And island called Australia, which now has an abundance on grind and gore. Do I see a relation ship here? Perhaps… Here we go with a split record of two Aussie grind bands named Cuntscrape and Deathfuckingcunt. Yummy!
Cuntscrape kicks in on this split CD with their gashtronomic gynaecological grindcore, which is mostly about pussy. Surprisingly. Their music sounds a bit like a mixture between Blood Duster and Exhumed, with the recording quality of both bands’ early days. Eleven rocking grindcore tracks with as highlight ‘Dark Urinal’, a black metal spoof where someone has to pee. Overall they provide a nice listen, but nothing too impressive.
Following in their footsteps are the lads from Deathfuckingcunt, another brilliant band name in the category of ‘let’s not think about it too long.’ These guys claim to play extra defective chromozonal tech slam. Their four song contribution to Split Roast is of a far more technical and better produced level than their predecessors are aiming at. Having just formed in 2007, they show great potential for the future with this display of guttural tech death/grind, with influences ranging from Dying Fetus, Aborted and Psycroptic to gorier stuff like Lividity, Devourment and Cliteater. A highly fast and technical drummer lifts the material just a bit over the average and a guttural gnarly singer burps out some funny lyrics to read while taking a shit. Fun times!
All in all a nice listen for fans of vagina-influenced death and grind of both the primitive rock and tech death kind. Enjoy!
Cuntscrape / Deathfuckingcunt - Splitroast
70/1001Details Prime Cuts Music
Released on Friday May 1st, 2009

Writer @DemonDust on Wednesday Sep 2nd, 2009

Tags: #Cuntscrape / Deathfuckingcunt
Tracklisting Cuntscrape:

01. The Veiny Shaft of Justice 01:52
02. Breastaurant 01:10
03. Finntrollop 01:30
04. Technical Brutal Death Metal Song 00:15
05. Face Breaks and Sperm Cakes 02:29
06. Hommusexual 02:04
07. Mayonnasian 01:40
08. Dark Urinal 00:52
09. Uncle Nasty Fingers 01:50
10. Technical Brutal Death Metal Song (Extended Ron Jeremy Mix) 00:09
11. Slits Slots Sluts 01:28


12. Flexus Pexus 03:27
13. 02:42
14. Light Beer = Intense Queer 03:51
15. Insane Cumsore 02:38
Line up Cuntscrape:

Lord Labia - Guitar, Vocals
Depravia Majoria - Drums, Vocals
'Sybian Machine' Bumslop - Guitar
Schwingslayer - Vocals
Sir Vixalot - Bass


Blake - Vocals
Brad - Bass
Dan (Maelstrom) - Drums (Impact Winter, Avantgard (Aus), Wardaemonic)
Tristan - Guitar