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Dead Swans - Sleepwalkers
Dead Swans hail from the U.K. and were formed in 2006. They have only released one EP and one split seven inch with Architects. Yet this already convinced Bridge Nine Records to sign these guys for their debut full length, which lies before me now. Sleepwalkers is the name, let’s see if this can wake you up.
I must say that even though hardcore becomes a bit dull to me quite fast in average, every once in a while I encounter a band that has a refreshing sound. Dead Swans is exactly such a band. Their agonizing hardcore incorporates elements of metal, punk and most importantly, postcore. This gives the band a real harsh and dragging sound, while on the other hand they can also punch you in the face with up-tempo, almost crusty hardcore/metal.
Overall the band has a very versatile musical sound. Vocally they have mister Nick Worthington screaming and shouting his lungs out with blood-curling conviction and spirit. Combined this makes for a very strong hardcore band. Luckily Sleepwalkers has a nice raw touch to it production-wise, which makes it smack you in the face just that little bit harder.
Well there you have it. I am not such a hardcore guy personally, but I recognize talent when I hear it and Dead Swans has loads of that. Their sound appeals to fans of metal, hardcore, punk, crust and postcore alike, these guys will definitely go places. Keep an eye on them!
Dead Swans - Sleepwalkers
82/1001Details Bridge Nine Records
Released on Saturday Aug 15th, 2009

Writer @DemonDust on Wednesday Sep 2nd, 2009

Tags: #Dead Swans
Tracklisting 01. Thinking Of You
02. Ascension
03. Ivy Archway
04. Swallow
05. So Far You've Only Made Things Worse
06. 20.07.07
07. Winter Overture
08. Hide and Seek
09. ...And It Seemed So Bright
10. Montpellier To Home
11. Today, Tonight, Tommorow
12. Tent City
Line up Nicholas - vocals
Robbie - guitar
Pid - guitar
Benjamin - bass
Benny - drums