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Emancer - Invisible

At the last meeting, I got a cd from the chief editor, I had never heard of this band before but I was very curious because the booklet looked very promising. After drinking until late that night we went to sleep. My alarm clock began ringing at 7.30 because I had to leave, on my way home I popped the disc in my car stereo to listen the cd with a major hangover, well I can tell you this album didn’t make it go away!!


The history of Emancer goes back as long as to 1996, when three youngsters (Mithrin, Gorbag and X) from a small village in Sogn in the western part of Norway started playing in a band together.
Guitarist X had left the band, so Emancer was now a two-man project. In 2003 Emancer signed on British label Golden Lake Productions for the release of the third full-length album. The album, "Invisible", was released in February 2004.


As I have already told you this album is bad for your hangover but I love it, the band has found a way to combine black and death metal in a way that sounds really melodic changed in easy parts that sound a bit like plain metal. The double bass parts in the song have really impressed me, they come in at the exactly right time but there could be more of them.


In the song “Mass Destruction” there is one thing that gets to my attention immediately, the death metal parts are followed by a kind of drum & bass part which is really strange for the first time, but after a couple of times it’s actually quit “funny”. Though I still don’t think it belongs there.


Overall the album is pretty nice to listen to, but the cool thing about it is that the band is formed by 2 members which I think is quite a job. After listening to this album I have to give them my compliments, they have put together a great album which is also great produced.


1. Emancipation
2. On Borrowed Time
3. Smashed Mirror World
4. A Comedy of Hunger
5. Man Denied
6. Mass Destruction
7. Invisible


Line up:
Mithrin - guitars, bass, electronics, secondary vocals
Gorbag - main vocals


Emancer - Invisible
69/1001Details Golden Lake Production
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001
Black Metal

Writer @Dinges on Wednesday Oct 6th, 2004

Tags: #Emancer
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