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The Cassidy Scenario - Withstanding Voracity
Of course every new hardcore band nowadays has a lot of screams, huge breakdowns and most of all a lot of image and attitude. Add to this a lot of ugly bright screaming colours on the merchandise and album cover and you’ll have an instant hit. Luckily we still have bands like The Cassidy Scenario because they’re in it for the music. At least that’s what their statement says in their booklet. Let’s say I hope any band is in it for the music so we can leave the so called pussy lovers behind. The Cassidy Scenario rises from the ashes of Estate and they released a demo in ’08. After that they where picked up bij Let It Burn Records which released their debut album called Withstanding Voracity.
The main problem with all the hardcore / metalcore / screamcore and all the other kinds of ‘core’ is that most of the releases within that specific genre are redundant. It’s like every band with a mic and a home computer is releasing their “massive hits” upon the world. Within every genre we have to admit that almost everything has been done before. I hate to say it, but The Cassidy Scenario isn’t an exception. Starting with an intro song ‘The Arrival’, that shows the instrumental side of the band, the album continues with ´Ghostship´. This is a rather straight forward hardcore song with some melodic influences.
Along the way those melodic influences are quite present on the album. It doesn’t matter if it’s the vocals or the guitar or whatever they’re playing, every song has some sort of melody in it and to my opinion that’s good. Why? That’s pretty easy, the album isn’t a ground breaking one and with the melody within the songs they break the everlasting wall of sound that you’ll hear all the time.
This album is certainly not a straight A, but you can hear that the guys are having fun playing the music that they dearly love. Add to this the melody that is present during the entire album and you’ll have a great album to put on when you’re doing your standard everyday routines.
The Cassidy Scenario - Withstanding Voracity
72/1001Details Let It Burn Records
Released on Friday May 9th, 2008
Melodic hardcore / Hardcore

Writer @Niamen on Wednesday Sep 9th, 2009

Tags: #The Cassidy Scenario
Tracklisting 01. The Arrival
02. Ghostship
03. Black Mountain, Red Sea
04. Atlantis A.D.
05. The Essential Is Hidden for the E
06. Chasing Memories or Delusions
07. The Abandonment
08. Promising Heaven and Earth
09. Ruin On/Off
10. Reunion With Yourself
11. Suspire Life
Line up Leo - vocals
Bernd - guitar
Tom - guitar
Tosh - bass
Forsti - drums