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Leeroy Stagger - Everything Is Real
After a couple of semi acoustic albums and singer songwriter albums in the last few weeks we have another one. Indeed you don’t have to call us narrow minded at Metalrage. Leeroy Stagger is a Canadian alternative country singer songwriter who has just released his fourth full length album called Everything Is Real.
Starting with ‘Petrified World’, the influences of Bruce Springsteen are immediately present. Not only the music sounds similar but also the lyrics are of the same quality. The entire time I can picture myself the things Leeroy Stagger is singing about in front of me. Add to this some sing along parts and you’ll have an idea of this first song. Throughout the next song we see an entire different side of him. A quite honest song about being alone and hating every second of it.
These first two songs are quite typical for the rest of the album. Sometime it’s a more up tempo acoustic rock song and sometimes it’s more of a singer songwriter point of view. Add to this some folk and country influences and you’ll have a nice idea of how this album sounds.
From a narrow minded metal head point of view it’s pretty obvious, just spend your hard earned money on the latest Stratovarious album. If you’re up to some nice acoustic albums every now and then you should give this man a try. He certainly delivered a good album that has some great tracks on it.
Leeroy Stagger - Everything Is Real
65/1001Details Rebeltone Records
Released on Monday Apr 9th, 2018
Singer / Songwriter / Alternative Cn dountry

Writer @Niamen on Friday Sep 25th, 2009

Tags: #Leeroy Stagger
Tracklisting 01. Petrified World
02. Sleep Alone
03. Hell Of A life
04. Brothers
05. Red Bandana
06. Stormy
07. Too Many Rainy Days
08. Higher Than Heaven
09. Everything Is Real
10. Snowing In Nashville
11. Another Friday Night
Line up Leeroy Stagger - Everything