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Bloodline Severed - Visions Revealed
This first full-length album of Bloodline Severed was released by the band as a professional CD-R for touring purposes. When they got signed by Bombworks Records they remixed and remastered the album completely which resulted in a nice eight panel foldout digipak. All combined, a nice package to receive from a record label. But as the saying goes. It’s the inside that counts.
After the intro, that contains some angels whispering, demons roaring and a woman asking if god can hear her, the album bursts out with ‘Reborn’. This is a song that has combined brutal death metal blastbeats and black metal vocals with clean vocals and melodic metalcore parts. It’s also pretty much the blueprint for the sound of Bloodline Severed that continues for the rest of the album.
The album has a concept of a journey in light and darkness and finding hope amidst despair. Indeed there’s a really positive Christian message in the music. On the other hand what did you expect from a band that borrowed a van from their church so they could play some shows? Although I have to say that it’s good that I’m not completely overthrown with the message of god on this album. Of course the lyrics handle about seeking guidance and finding hope but I still have the idea of listening to any other metal band.
Although I do think that Bloodline Severed has some great potential I’m not completely convinced by this album. The clean vocals sound way too slick, which sometimes make the songs a bit cheesy. Also an average track time of +4 minutes is not always a positive point on the album. Some of the songs are getting boring after two or three minutes.
Bloodline Severed  - Visions Revealed
68/1001Details Bombwork Records
Released on Sunday Apr 9th, 2028
Metalcore / Death Metal

Writer @Niamen on Friday Sep 25th, 2009

Tags: #Bloodline Severed
Tracklisting 1. Into the Beginning
2. Reborn
3. A Vision Revealed
4. Silhouette of Doubt
5. Inception of Perscipacity
6. Coalition
7. Internal Battles with Eternal Consequences
8. Solemn Goodbye
9. Fear of Reality
10. Mirror the Reflection
11. Once Empty
Line up Corey Weaver - Lead Vocals
Derek Corzine - Guitars
Aaron Macemore - Guitars
David Whichard - Bass
John Snyder - Drums, Percussion
Amulyn Corzine - Vocals