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Tardive Dyskinesia - The Sea Of See Through Skins
What a nice surprise! Greece’s Tardive Dyskinesia (which is an illness caused by long-term use of psychotropic medication that manifests itself in involuntary, repetitive movement of the limbs, just so you know) come in with their second full length entitled The Sea Of See Through Skins. Little did I know that this is one hell of a math metal band! Let me tell you more.
I had never ever heard of this band before, yet when the first seconds of music passed by I felt like I had known this band for a long time already. There’s a simple explanation for this feeling, they sound exactly like Textures. And Meshuggah for that matter. Polyrhythmic metal filled with samples and synths, a lot less clean vocals and a mixing/mastering job by, who would have guessed, Jochem Jacobs from Textures. Tardive Dyskinesia also thrives on a phat rhythmic groove which is present in every song, with interesting twists and turns around every corner. Very nice, although it gets just a little bit monotonous by the end of the disc.
Well for me it is quite simple. The sound of this record is more than very nice, therefore Tardive Dyskinesia is definitely a must for fans of Meshuggah, Textures, Strapping Young Lad, Hacride, Gojira and other modern metal bands like that. I for one am having a great time listening to this record, hope to see these guys on the road soon!
Tardive Dyskinesia - The Sea Of See Through Skins
80/1001Details Coroner Records
Released on Monday Oct 12th, 2009
Math Metal

Writer @DemonDust on Wednesday Sep 30th, 2009

Tags: #Tardive Dyskinesia
Tracklisting 01. Triggering The Fear Reactor
02. Complicity
03. Downfall
04. Dog
05. The Sea Of See Through Skins
06. Brain Trust
07. Ask E Sea
08. Reverse Arms
09. Tinge Of Irony
Line up Manthos Stergiou - Vocals and Guitar
Petros Nikiforakis - Guitar
Fotis Tsakos - Live Guitar
Kornilios Kiriakidis - Bass
Stavros Rigos - Drums