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Soulfallen - Grave New World
It’s widely known that most Scandinavian countries produce a shitload of good solid bands within the metal genre. Soulfallen hails from Finland and came together in 2004. Their debut album called World Expiration was received pretty well by the press in 2007. Two years later their sophomore album called Grave New World hits the street.
I’m always a fan when it comes to epic music. I love music that builds up to a certain level and than explodes into heaviness and finally goes out with a big bang. The first track on this album called ‘A Hearse With No Name’ is a perfect example of this. The track lasts for eight minutes and takes us through the entire musical spectrum of Soulfallen. From almost doom like passages to brutal death metal in its purest form. The first track has it all in an Opeth kind of way.
Sadly enough the rest of the tracks on the album don’t last for 8 minutes or longer, so the band had to put all those influences in the tracks in almost half the time. Sometimes Soulfallen manages to pull it off but on the other hand sometimes they don’t. The only exception to this is the last track on the album called 'We Are The Sand', which is also a track that combines a lot of styles and moulds them into an almost epic track.
Overall it’s certainly not a bad album. These gentlemen are well capable of writing some interesting music that is full of good melodies and bombastic passages. The only problem is that I miss those parts in several songs. What’s left is just another melodic death metal band. In my humble opinion it’s those extra passages that make the album worthwhile.  
Soulfallen - Grave New World
68/1001Details Off Records
Released on Tuesday Mar 9th, 2004
Melodic Death / Melodic Doom / Black

Writer @Niamen on Wednesday Sep 30th, 2009

Tags: #Soulfallen
Tracklisting 1. A Hearse With No Name
2. Devour
3. To The Wolves At My Door
4. This World Is Bleeding Flies
5. Grave New World
6. Towers Of Silence
7. Embrace The Scythe
8. Serenity's Throne
9. We Are The Sand
Line up Kai Leikola - vocals / bass
Aapeli Kivimäki - guitar
Simo Kahikainen - guitar
Jimmy Salmi - drums