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Days Of Betrayal - Decapitated For Research
Belgium’s Days Of Betrayal was formed in 2004 and walked a logical path with the release of a demo and an EP, before writing a full length. That full length, Decapitated For Research, came out in 2008 on Shiver Records.

Days Of Betrayal acts in the regions of deathcore, the result of mixing metalcore with melodic death metal. Unfortunately they do this in a very annoying way, with tons of typical melodic metalcore riffs. This band can therefore never be compared to frontrunners like Despised Icon and Job For A Cowboy. An equation with Heaven Shall Burn would fit better, but these Germans were much more skilled when Days of Betrayal weren’t even together.

It’s sad that every song has these weak riffs, since not all of Betrayal’s music sucks. Decapitated For Research features tight drum work including long straight blastbeats. For example the intro of ‘Execute Hope’ is very brutal and the varied techy parts during the song show that this band has potential. Also the start of final track ‘The Next Victim’ is promising with raising brutality, it’s just too bad that they always fall back on the annoying melodies.

In the end this album is just too commonplace for those who’ve heard more records in the genre. If you’re into metalcore and looking for something harder, this album would do well, although it can’t be mistaken that there are better records to consume. I'd rather listen to the new Crimson Falls for instance.
Days Of Betrayal - Decapitated For Research
57/1001Details Shiver Records
Released on Friday Oct 17th, 2008

Writer @Mindsaver on Tuesday Oct 6th, 2009

Tags: #Days Of Betrayal
Tracklisting 01. Duskfall
02. Decapitated For Research
03. Murder Ballads
04. Hanging By A Thread
05. Execute Hope
06. Narcotised
07. Within Melancholic Rapture
08. The Blacker Silence
09. Within These Flesh Made Walls
10. The Next Victim
Line up Niels Dhuyvetters - Vocals
Davy De Vusser - Lead Guitar
Tom Claeijs - Rhythm Guitar
Jonas De Vreese - Bass
Bart Verhe - Drums