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Ciborium - Overgrowing Human Void

Ciborium is a Portugese death metal band which was founded in 1995. In 1996 they released a demo called 'On the strayed pyx, including two songs: 'Where?' & 'Pyx'. In 1997 they released their first cd COLOSSAL CRAGS.

And now they've released their second cd, Overgrowing Human Void.

But until now, I've never heared of this band.


So it went straight into the cd-player.




"Hmm, nice, oldschool deathmetal.
Hmm, melodic deathmetal.
What the fuck?! Clean vocals?"

That was a short discription when I heared the first sounds out of my speakers. It started very cool, but then the singer turned his grunts (which sound not bad at all) into clean vocals... The horror!!!! Don't get me wrong, I like clean vocals, but this really sounded terrible. I really hoped the next song would be better that this one. Fortunately it was. The other songs are good too, sometimes the clean vocals return, but then they are much better. But I can't deny I've heared this before, it ain't original.
In my opinion 'Nucleous Graft', an instrumental song, should be removed of the track list. What does this song have to do with death metal, even a song for children sounds more evil. I could say the same thing about 'Lackadaisical', another instrumental song. The production is good, but could be better.
I know Ciborium doesn't want to sound like all other death metal bands, but they really should drop the clean vocals and those instrumental kiddy-songs.

Line Up:


Jo�o Sequeira - vocals
Bruno Guilherme - drums
Jos� Marques - guitar
Armando - Barradas - bass



1.  Shadowalk
2.  Glass Case
3.  Skyshaper
4.  Nucleous Graft (instrumental)
5.  Walking on razors
6.  The Neverending Glide
7.  Aurora In Black
8.  Lackadaisical (instrumental)
9.  None Shall Pass
10. Thou Are Surely Lost


Total playingtime: 40:38 minutes

Ciborium - Overgrowing Human Void
69/1001Details Recital
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001
melodic death metal

Writer @Arcane on Monday Oct 11th, 2004

Tags: #Ciborium
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