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Soul Control - Cycles
It was never the intention of Soul Control to record a full-length album. They did record several 7" EPs under the flag of Rivalry Records, but they never recorded a full-length. The band is a role model for the DIY attitude. They toured their asses off with Have Heart, Verse, 108 and Snapcase. Suddenly everything changes when the quality hardcore label Bridge 9 Records came knocking on their door. Well everything? At least they finally did record their first full-length album.
With the intention of creating a straight ahead hardcore sound with a noisy approach they could easily be compared to the early Helmet, Jesus Lizard and Unsane. Still they manage to create their own sound within and outside that genre. Soul Control are capable of looking beyond the standard hardcore sound and aren’t afraid of using other influences in their music which leads to a band that sounds refreshing.
A great example of this diversity is found in the songs ‘Beyond Words’ and ‘Silent Reality’. The first one is a great pounding hardcore opening track on the album and the second one is a track that grabs you by the throat and keeps dragging you along by the intense midtempo riffs.
If you’d ask me, I would say that Bridge 9 Records added another talented band to their label. This first full-length album of Soul Control sounds refreshing and diverse. But without doing any concessions to the intensity of the music. A great album that’s full of interesting hardcore songs that last for roughly three minutes. Don’t get fooled by the last track because it's mostly genuine bullshit at the end of the album after the last song has stopped. 
Soul Control - Cycles
86/1001Details Bridge Nine Records
Released on Saturday Aug 9th, 2025
Hardcore / Noise

Writer @Niamen on Friday Oct 9th, 2009

Tags: #Soul Control
Tracklisting 01. Beyond Words
02. Pursuing Ghosts
03. Like Spiders
04. Silent Reality
05. Playing Coward
06. You’d Sing Too
07. Fundamental Forces
08. Flux
09. End Times
10. Life Circle
11. Ashes To Iron
12. Cycles
Line up Rory van Grol - vocals
Jim conolly - guitar
Eric Anagnostis - bass
Ryan Pitz - drums