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Jesaiah - Et Tu, Hope
Sweden’s Jesaiah was formed in 2006 and have released one EP, entitled Burning Bridges Building Bunkers. The band now returns with their debut full length Et Tu, Hope, which showcases their hybrid mix of spastic hardcore and metal. Mathcore for short.
Jesaiah play a version of mathcore that isn’t aimed at being the fastest, jazziest or most over the top crazy. The groove of metal(core) and hardcore is far more present, think of bands like Glass Casket, old Norma Jean, Coalesce, The Red Chord and War From A Harlots Mouth for instance, only with a far more epic touch to the song-writing. Also Jesaiah likes to take it slow from time to time, as demonstrated in the tracks ‘Deflower Me’, 'And Sing To The Tunes Of The End' and ‘Music Noir’. Overall this makes the songs quite dynamic, while the main sound can still be traced back to hardcore.
The sound of the record as a whole is still quite raw, which is something I can dig with a style like this. The use of metal, hardcore, mathcore and postcore is well balanced, and because of the raw production it hits you in the face just a bit harder. Et Tu, Hope is definitely a fun record to listen to, if you are into the styles/bands mentioned in this review. But I do want to add that I think there is far more to come from Jesaiah, I hope their sound will grow and mature until they really have a face of their own and can compete with the greats in their genre. Keep it up dudes!
Jesaiah - Et Tu, Hope
72/1001Details Black Star Foundation
Released on Monday Sep 28th, 2009
Mathcore / Hardcore / Metal

Writer @DemonDust on Sunday Oct 11th, 2009

Tags: #Jesaiah
Tracklisting 01. Fill Your Hands With Chaos
02. This night, We Share Every Breath
03. We're Almost Dead, No Time For Rational Thinking
04. Deflower Me
05. Music Noir
06. L'Âme, Prison Du Corps
07. Great Big Whale
08. I'm Saving My Flower 4 U Goatboy
09. Let's Dance Under A Sky Of Distortion
10. And Sing To The Tunes Of The End
Line up Vocals - Max Sjöblom
Guitar - Joel Hjalmarsson
Guitar - Tobias Alpadie
Bass - Martin Peterson
Drums- Daniel Stridsberg