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Bone Gnawer - Feast Of Flesh
This release was a much anticipated album for all death metal lovers worldwide. Not only this meant the glorious return of one of the best death metal grunters, but also a collaboration of the best death metal musicians from the USA and Sweden. As you guessed it by now, this is the ‘project’-band from Kam Lee (formerly of Massacre, ex-Mantas/Death) and Rogga Johansson (Ribspreader, Paganizer, Demiurg). It started out as a computer recorded only project, but it slowly turned into a real band. The album Feast Of Flesh is the result of this fruitful collaboration, and what a death metal album it became!
The intention of this band, was to honor the old gore/horror death metal from the early 90’s, like Cannibal Corpse and Autopsy made it. The album ended up being exactly what they wanted it to be! Vital ingredients like the catchy Florida-styled 90’s death metal riffs, the possessed and crushing, dirty groove of Swedish death metal, combined with the rotten growls of Kam Lee are all on this album. This is how death metal should sound like. Like a filthy rotten zombie, that stepped out of his grave and is ripping out your entrails with his bare hands!
The album opens up with a sick sounding intro, full with screaming pigs. Nice! After this intro, it’s just one big oldschool death-metal party! Simply skull crushing brutal death metal, with catchy chomping gut ripping guitar riffs and loads of aggression and power. Think of a mix between Bolt Thrower, Dismember and Massacre. Listen to the song ‘Make Them Die Slow’; this is a pure genius song that has it all. Speed, groove, aggression and above all a brutal fucking bulldozer-riff. Fucking amazing! And when you think this was the heaviest song of the album, the song ‘Hammer To The Skull’ kicks in and will throw you around your room, like you’re a ragdoll! Several ‘cult’ horror-movies like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre are been honored with a song (‘The Saw Is Family’).
Bone Gnawer will cut you up in pieces and will grill you on their barbecue on their cannibalistic death-metal party!
Bone Gnawer - Feast Of Flesh
86/1001Details Pulverised Records
Released on Monday Aug 24th, 2009

Writer @RoyBalowski on Saturday Oct 17th, 2009

Tags: #Bone Gnawer
Tracklisting 01. Feast Of Flesh
02. Sliced And Diced
03. Cannibal Cook-Out
04. Make You Die Slow
05. Hammer To The Skull
06. The Saw Is Family
07. Hatchet Face
08. Defleshed And Skinned
09. Anthropophagus Beast
10. The Lucky Ones Die First
Line up Kam Lee - Vocals
Morgan Lie - Drums
Rogga Johansson - bass
Ronnie Bjornstrom - guitars