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Kiss - Sonic Boom
Kiss has released a new album and it sounds exactly like…Kiss! What else do you expect anyway? The formula of their music is such, that even a line up change won’t alter it in any way. Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer have been live replacements for original members Ace Frehley and Peter Criss for years but you virtually don’t hear the difference. Now this line up finally released Sonic Boom, the band’s first album in eleven years. And just like coca cola, it always tastes the same.
A few years back Paul and Gene claimed that making a new album would be pointless as it would be downloaded in a heart beat. No real money can be made from it anymore. I‘m really glad they came back on that decision. Gene Simmons stated on the Kiss website that this isn’t about proving something to anyone: “Just doing what comes naturally. Ignoring fashions, trends and with a personal vow from all of us: no rapping.” It is a good thing that they haven’t reimagined their act and sticked to their guns. It means that the material can be matched with their seventies material. A return to rock and roll all night with no outsiders attending the party.

With Paul Stanley at the helm, the eleven tracks capture the vibe of seventies Kiss. The opening track ‘Modern Day Delilah’ proves that and is easily the catchiest song. Even though the album is spared from any sappy ballads, there are a few cheesy moments, like 'Stand' for example. It sounds a bit like a filler, especially the chorus is a bit cheap. Then there's the matter of Thayer and drummer Eric Singer taking vocal spots on a pair of songs, just like Frehley and original drummer Peter Criss used to do. They took everything out of the closet to make it sound like the seventies classics. And they did a pretty good job. Highly recommendable to Kiss fans and the casual listener.
Kiss - Sonic Boom
80/1001Details Roadrunner Records
Released on Friday Oct 16th, 2009

Writer @Angel on Tuesday Oct 27th, 2009

Tags: #Kiss
Tracklisting 1. Modern Day Delilah
2. Russian Roulette
3. Never Enough
4. Yes I Know (Nobody's Perfect)
5. Stand
6. Hot and Cold
7. All For the Glory
8. Danger Us
9. I'm an Animal
10. When Lightning Strikes
11. Say Yeah
Line up Paul Stanley - vocals, rhythm guitar
Gene Simmons - vocals, bass
Eric Singer - vocals, drums
Tommy Thayer - vocals, lead guitar