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Fomento - Either Caesars or Nothing
Not much to say about this Italian band so far, since Fomento is still relatively young; they debuted with their first live gig in Rome at 06/06/06 and Either Caesars or Nothing is their first full-length album. Since they say to represent thrash death core, I was very interested in listening to and reviewing the record, as this is one of my favourite metal styles. Read on to know if this young band has some potential…
Okay, I’ll start off by noting that this album simply kicks ass! Seldomly I’ve heard a band play this powerful and they maintain this energy until the very last song. Every song on this record blows you away with killing guitar riffs, deadly smashing drums and aggressive vocals, without ever losing this spirit. Each song has enough variation within itself, in the form of a brutal breakdown or guitar solo. Personal favourites ‘The Die is Cast’, ‘Pandora’s Box’, ‘Welcome to the Brotherhood’, ‘Menticide’ and ‘Burial at Sea’ blow you away completely and keep the adrenaline rushing. I also have to compliment the producer of the album, as the sound is perfectly clear and well-mixed.
A few criticisms on behalf of the album: whilst listening to it, I got to miss some slower, mid-tempo songs between all the intensity, just to give you some time to breathe. Besides, it would’ve done the songs good; by contrasting them with slower songs, the extent to which they overwhelm you is greater. Also, I don’t like the fact that Fomento brings about this anti-emo statement, through songs like ‘Kill FashionCore’. Personally I’m no fan of this blunt way of bringing others down due to different life styles or interests, so hopefully this is meant as a joke or something. Otherwise they have to be less violent in my opinion, because it comes of rather childish.
Besides those two criticisms, the album is certainly worth buying/downloading for anyone that’s into amazingly powerful ass-kicking thrash/death core. And to answer the question above: this band has shown a lot of potential te become one of the greatest bands in this genre, keep this spirit up!
Fomento - Either Caesars or Nothing
88/1001Details Coroner Records
Released on Sunday May 10th, 2009
Thrash / Death Core

Writer @Symphonita on Sunday Nov 1st, 2009

Tags: #Fomento
Tracklisting 01. HD80606B
02. The Die is Cast
03. Pandora’s Box
04. The 13th Demon
05. Kill FasionCore
06. Wellcome to the Brotherhood
07. Faithless
08. The End of the Republic
09. Menticide
10. Cotard’s Syndrome
11. The Egyptian March
12. Burial at Sea
Line up Marco Krasinski – vocals, bass
Matteo Deathbreed – drums
Manuel Minerva – lead guitar
Fabrizio Damiani - guitar