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Lewd Acts - Black Eye Blues
Somewhere in San Diego, California (home of anchorman Ron Burgundy) roams a hardcore act by the name of Lewd Acts. After having released several seven inches, the band now brings us their debut full length Black Eye Blues, which was engineered bu Kurt Ballou (Converge).
When looking at the package the record comes in, expectations raise to the roof. The artwork and packaging is simply sublime. It breathes the punk/hardcore atmosphere from the eighties, and that is also basically the sound you find on the record. Be it with interesting, epic songs filled with original twists and turns. I can honestly not immediately compare their sound to that of another band (although the more experienced punk/hardcore fanatics can). Black Eye Blues is truly a dynamic listen within old school hardcore.
One of their most brilliant assets is vocalist Tyler Densley, who can almost be considered a poet. While reading their lyrics while taking a shit, I came to the conclusion that these are some deep, dark, sad and tragic stories brought with the utmost of conviction. Truly an awesome vocalist with something more to mention than most standard hardcore/metalcore bands nowadays.
Overall I think there is still way more to come from these lads, yet the first impression is a lasting one. If you dig the old school and the new school hardcore and you like bands that dissent from the mainstream, it is mandatory you check out Lewd Acts. I can’t wait for their next effort!
Lewd Acts - Black Eye Blues
78/1001Details Deathwish Inc.
Released on Tuesday Sep 1st, 2009

Writer @DemonDust on Friday Nov 6th, 2009

Tags: #Lewd Acts
Tracklisting 01. Know Where To Go (1:37)
02. Wide Black Eyes (1:28)
03. Nightcrawlers (2:16)
04. You Don't Need Me (:42)
05. I Don't Need You (3:22)
06. Who Knew The West Coast Could Be So Cold (1:24)
07. Penmanship Sailed (5:03)
08. Young Lovers, Old Livers (2:31)
09. Rot Gut Charlie (1:19)
10. My Father Was A Locomotive (2:56)
11. Nowhere To Go (6:03)
Line up Ahlex- Guitar
Coree- Drums
Jack- Bass
Tylure- Vocals