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Manufacturer's Pride - Sound Of God's Absence
Manufacturer’s Pride exists since 2006 and released their first full-length album in 2007. They are signed to a subdivision of Firebox Records and play a mixture of melodic death metal, swift thrash and dark ambient tones. At least that’s what the attached biography tells us.
Since the intro is completely useless in my humble opinion I’m going to skip it immediately. After the intro, ‘Maggot Infested’ comes crashing in with a pushing guitar riff that opens the song. During the first couple of songs it’s getting clear what the biography was talking about. The music of Manufacturer’s Pride is a mixture of Dark tranquillity, Soilwork and the old In Flames.
Although I have to say that the level of the named bands is never reached, Manufacturer’s Pride do create some good tunes. The only problem with this second album of Manufacturer’s Pride is that most of the songs don’t have a face of their own. One of the causes for this is probably the crystal clear production of the album. All the songs sound so clean that they give me the feeling they’re all alike.
Sound Of God's Absence is certainly not my album of the year but overall it still sounds pretty okay. For all the metal heads that are really into the melodic death metal bands check this one out. It could be your album of the year.
Manufacturer's Pride - Sound Of God's Absence
68/1001Details Off Records
Released on Friday Apr 9th, 2027
Melodic Death Metal

Writer @Niamen on Friday Nov 6th, 2009

Tags: #Manufacturer's Pride
Tracklisting 01. Intro
02. Maggot Infested
03. Mind and Machine
04. Murder Mandate
05. On the Eve of the Tempest
06. Adeptus Satanicus
07. Waste in Flesh
08. Dahlia
09. Absence
10. Stillborn Messiah
11. My Becoming
12. Departure
Line up Mikko Ahlfors - vocals
Teemu Liekkala - guitar
Ristomatti Rinne - bass
Ville Sivonen - drums
Janne Niskanen - synth
Anti Lampinen - synth & programming