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Abandon - The Dead End
This double album of Abandon is probably the hardest album I have ever reviewed. Before the release of the album the vocalist Johan Carlzon died of an overdose at the age of 32. Johan Carlzon is responsible for all the lyrics and the artwork of the album.
Knowing that the vocalist died of an overdose doesn’t make this album any easier to listen to. The music on the album has this really dark atmosphere which contributes to idea of a dedication to Johan Carlzon. After the four minute “intro” ‘Bitter The Surface’ I have goosebumps all over my arms. This is just the right mood when the gloomy track ‘Pitch Black Hole’ kicks in and it sends shivers down my spine. The dreariest part is probably the lyrics of the track. Reading them gives you almost the feeling that he knew he was going to die.
Lost We Are’ is the third track on the album and it’s the first track to exceed over the ten minute line. This occurs several times more on this double album. During those long songs Abandon takes all the time to create a dark atmosphere that burst out from time to time. It’s within those songs that I can close my eyes and picture apocalypse in front of me. The second record isn’t any different to the first one. Again there are some great powerful songs that grab you by your throat and holds it in a stranglehold for the entire album.  
This double album is full of heavy, atmospheric and dark music. Especially the second disc gives you the feeling of being at a funeral were you can touch the grief of the people that are present there. This album is truly a remarkable release that of course is dedicated to Johan Carlzon RIP.
Abandon - The Dead End
88/1001Details Black Star Foundation
Released on Friday Oct 9th, 2009

Writer @Niamen on Monday Nov 16th, 2009

Tags: #Abandon
Tracklisting Disc 1
1. Bitter The Surface
2. Pitch Black Hole
3. Lost We Are
4. Falling Into Place
5. Eulogy
6. In Reality Suffer

Disc 2
1. For Crumbs We Crawl
2. The Dead End
3. It’s All Gone
4. There Is No Escape
5. Eulogy
Line up Johan Carlzon - vocals
David Fredriksson - vocals/ bass
Ingvar Sandgren - guitar
Mehdi Vafaei - pump organ
Daniele Cosimi - drums