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Ninetail - Half Truths And Hand Grenades
Ninetail reigns from York Pennsylvania and have just released their sophomore album. Although I’m unfamiliar with their previous work, the promosheet did raise some expectations. Especially since they're heavily inspired by American Head Charge, Bloodsimple, Pantera and Lamb Of God.
What is it with all those bands nowadays that just want to have an intro to their album? Most of the time it’s completely useless and it just adds nothing to the atmosphere on the album. Well the first track on Half Truths And Hand Grenades is no exception to this. Despite the name ‘Karma’ doesn’t add anything to the album. Luckily I’m able to release all that frustrating energy on the real first song on the album which is also the title track.
Downtuned riffs combined with jackhammer pounding drums are in the forefront of the music. Above all there’s vocalist William Heitman growling and screaming his guts out. The first couple of songs do contain some nice influences of the mentioned bands but sadly enough it ends there. Most of the time the music is quite mediocre and isn’t able to grab my attention for several songs.
No doubt about it that this is a live band that can tear it up on stage. The only problem is that they aren’t yet able to capture the same brutalness on the album and still keeps it exciting to listen to. Although I’m not completely positive, I do have to admit I’m curious about the next album whether if they can push the songwriting to another level.
Ninetail - Half Truths And Hand Grenades
60/1001Details DRP Records
Released on Wednesday Jul 9th, 2014

Writer @Niamen on Monday Nov 16th, 2009

Tags: #Ninetail
Tracklisting 01. Karma
02. Half Truths & Hand Grenades
03. Seasoned Scheme
04. The Decider
05. My Belief
06. Parabellum
07. God Willing
08. Bullring
09. Trials Of A Madman
10. Forgive Me
11. Superpsycho
12. Cradled Lunacy
13. Westboro
14. So Be It

Line up J. William Heitmann - vocals
Don Belch - guitar
Chris Evan - guitar, backing vocals
Griff - bass
Greg Weber keys, samples & backing vocals
Chris Appenzeller drums & percussion