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Diabolical - The Gallery Of Bleeding Art
Various reasons kept Diabolical in the background for almost five years, but since 2008 they’re back with a new record, The Gallery Of Bleeding Art. The follow-up to Synergy (2001) and A Thousand Deaths (2002) should take them a huge step further in their mission to create innovative death metal. Let’s see if they have succeeded.
A short classical intro leads to the self-titled track that kicks in with some technical and melodic thrash metal, before singer Magnus joins the instrumentation. He mainly uses his throat to scream with, but he does it in a convincing way that I can only approve. Diabolical’s foundation lies in the melodic death metal genre, but also the old school factor is well present. Yet numerous technical elements make this record more than a trip back into time.

Well thought solos appear in almost every song, while “Extinction” features a classical intermezzo to calm down to. “Pavor Nocturnus” is a speeded track with furious blasts and lots of aggression. “Vertigo” has some more classical elements while “The One Who Bleeds” is the most significant song of the album with plenty of technical rhythms, perfectly executed by the skilled musicians that this band holds. Final track “Ashes IV” is a ten-minute long showcase of the aforementioned influences and features an acoustic part in the middle, before ending the album with some mid-tempo metal fading into silence.

Diabolical managed to expand the Swedish sound and blended it together with various elements into their own mix of technical skilled, guitar-driven death metal. The Gallery Of Bleeding Art is a true recommendation for anyone who’s looking for something new in the Scandinavian death metal scene.
Diabolical - The Gallery Of Bleeding Art
76/1001Details Vici Solum Productions
Released on Friday Nov 7th, 2008
Death Metal

Writer @Mindsaver on Monday Nov 23rd, 2009

Tags: #Diabolical
Tracklisting 01. Caedes Profana
02. The Gallery Of Bleeding Art
03. Extinction
04. Pavor Nocturnus
05. Vertigo
06. The One Who Bleeds
07. Religionism
08. Ashes IV
Line up Magnus Ödling - Vocals
Sverker "Vidar" Widgren - Guitar, Vocals
Hans Carlsson - Lead Guitar
Rickard Persson - Bass
Carl Stjärnlöf - Drums