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My Own Grave - Necrology
Swedish death-metal! Now you’ve got my full attention. This Swedish band released their first album 3 years ago on Karmaggedon Records (formerly known as Hammerheart); this label went out of business through bad management. They found a new label in Pulverised Records and this is the new album called Necrology.
First thing you notice when you slam this piece of plastic in your CD-player is the fact that they don’t sound Swedish at all. It’s total fast blasting US death metal on this one. First band that comes in mind is Malevolent Creation in their Retribution era, but also Suffocation and Deeds Of Flesh and that’s no punishment I can tell you.
The production of this album is absolutely skull-crushing heavy and thick, just the way a death metal album should sound like. None other than Dan Swanö is responsible for this superb sounding album. This topped off with oldschool artwork of tattoo-artist Jon Zig and its safe to say this is a solid death-metal release.
Just listen to songs as ‘Age Of Torment’, which is just an amazing fast ripping death metal song, with a slight hint of Swedish crust-core thrown into it. Amazing headbang and mosh death metal is what this is! The intensity and fast pace is held throughout the whole album, so after 36 minutes you will wipe your face from the sweat. Or what to think of the intro of the album, that simply bursts out into a blastbeat song that simply knocks you out of your chair. Fuck, this is how death metal should sound like! Fuck all those hipster death-core bands, this is the real deal. From one machine-gun riff, to another slab of pure intensity.
This album is a must for all oldschool death metal lovers, especially if you dig bands like Suffocation and Malevolent Creation.
My Own Grave - Necrology
84/1001Details Pulverised Records
Released on Friday Sep 18th, 2009
Death Metal

Writer @RoyBalowski on Thursday Nov 26th, 2009

Tags: #My Own Grave
Tracklisting 01. Awaiting Death
02. Necrology
03. Hail The Blind
04. None Shall See
05. Disciples Of War
06. Cerecloth
07. Bloodline Broken
08. Exhumed To Be Buried
09. Age Of Torment
10. Carnal Revelations
11. Incineration
Line up Mikeal Aronsson - vocals
Stefan Kihlgren - guitar
Anders Haren - guitar
Max Bergaman - drums
John Henriksson - bass
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