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Human Demise/Worth The Pain - Split
A Dutch hardcore band and a Finnish hardcore band, teaming up on this vinyl 7”. Human Demise out of the Netherlands is more in the dark Clevo-styled metalcore and Worth The Pain is fast ripping metalcore. Good combination of two bands that are different, but suit each other perfectly.

Human Demise
This Dutch band has been around for a while and has earned a good live reputation. Considering these three songs, I totally understand their solid reputation. Their side starts off with an eerie sounding intro, which slowly goes into a slow, rolling, dark, heavy riff. This song called ‘Agony’ is a short song, with just one line of text, but is by far the best song of this 7”. The song ‘Agony’ turns straight away into the second song called ‘Anxiety’, which is way more straight forward, but still considered mid-tempo. Bands that come in mind are definitely Integrity, Ringworm and Catharsis. Dark, heavy, midtempo metalcore.  Score : 82
Worth The Pain
Worth The Pain is from Finland and has a little bit different approach to their hardcore. This band has been around for over a decade and you can hear the close-knit musicianship. It’s slightly more oldschool hardcore infested, mixed with some crunchy metalcore breakdowns and riffs. Think of Madball jamming together with Earth Crisis. Also a band like Terror comes to mind, but they don’t reach the level of intensity and power this band has. These two songs are a great way to get known with this band, but could use a bit more intensity and own identity. Score : 56
Great split 7” overall, with Human Demise being the better one of this 7”.
Human Demise/Worth The Pain - Split
69/1001Details WTF Records
Released on Thursday Oct 1st, 2009
Metalcore / Hardcore

Writer @RoyBalowski on Thursday Nov 26th, 2009

Tags: #Human Demise/Worth The Pain
Tracklisting Human Demise

01. Agony
02. Anxiety
03. Acceptance

Worth The Pain

01. The Obsessed
02. Faithless Follower
Line up Human Demise

Jeroen - guitar
Willem - guitar
Maurice - vocals
Paul - drums
Jasper - bass

Worth The Pain

Joonas - vocals
Olli - guitar
Pekka - guitar/backing vocals
Heikki - bass
Markus - drums