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Still Screaming - Reality Ain´t The Truth
This German oldschool hardcore band consists out of a bunch of veterans from the German scene. Members from Brightside, Point Break and Shaft are involved in this band. In 2007 they already released a full length album; this is a 5 track 7”.

Still Screaming plays a typical kind of oldschool hardcore, which is hugely influence by the old New York hardcore sound as well as by the old Straight Edge hardcore bands. It’s like Warzone and (old) Agnostic Front are in a battle with Youth Of Today.
This kind of hardcore had its ups and downs concerning popularity, but it’s always good to see bands doing the thing they like best! Unfortunately for Still Screaming it all sounds a bit dated and bleak. I’m sure on stage this band is an absolute energetic powerhouse, with their dual vocal attack. On vinyl it all lacks that necessary energy you’ll need with this kind of hardcore. Another thing that gets on your nerves is one of the singers. He has a pretty annoying voice.
They do a Warzone cover of the song ‘Free At Last’, which is a decent cover-version. Plus point is that this 7” comes in a very nice gatefold cover and on green splattered vinyl!
If you like the old 80’s hardcore like Warzone, Sick Of It All, Youth Of Today and Chain Of Strength, you’ll have to check this out!
Still Screaming - Reality Ain´t The Truth
50/1001Details WTF Records
Released on Thursday Oct 1st, 2009

Writer @RoyBalowski on Thursday Nov 26th, 2009

Tags: #Still Screaming
Tracklisting 01. Reality Ain´t Truth
02. Hardcore
03. Scapegoat
04. Black And White
05. Free At Last
Line up Matzo - vocals
Dennis - vocals
Adam - drums
Basti - bass
Miguel - guitar
Simon - everything else