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Icon In Me - Human Museum
Icon In Me is a collaboration between Russian and Scandinavian artists. We all know Tony Jelencovich of various bands like B-Thong and Transport League or more recently M.A.N.. Morten Sorensen is a well-known drummer of bands like The Arcane Order. Together with some friends they form the band Icon In Me.
Of course nice to know all this obligatory information, but how does this sound like? It´s a mixture between modern thrash (think The Haunted) and melodic death in the vein of In Flames/Soilwork. So, they play very in vogue metal.
And it´s indeed just that! Nothing original, nothing fancy. After the first few songs I thought that I was listening to an In Flames album, but the cover told me otherwise. It´s hard to find an original riff on this album. Combined with the mediocre voice of Tony (sorry for the fans, but I don´t dig his voice and not only in this band!), this band just doesn´t cut it. Everything is executed perfectly, clearly the guys are excellent musicians, but it misses a soul. This album just doesn´t breathe any life or passion.
I won´t recommend this album to anyone and that´s coming from someone who loves this style of metal. I have heard much better albums in this genre. There´s enough potential in this band, but without original riffs and passion the band will not grow out to be a leader, but will stay a follower.
Icon In Me - Human Museum
67/1001Details Massacre Records
Released on Friday May 1st, 2009
Modern Death/Thrash

Writer @Neurotic on Tuesday Dec 1st, 2009

Tags: #Icon In Me
Tracklisting 1. Dislocated
2. That Day, That Sorrow
3. End Of File
4. Empty Hands
5. Moments
6. Blood Ritual
7. To The End
8. In Memorium
9. The Worthless King
10. Turn The Dead On
11. Avoiding The Pain
Line up Tony Jelencovich – Vocals
Derans – Guitars
Artyom Sherbakov – Guitars
Konstantin - Bass
Morten Lowe Sorensen - Drums