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Miosis - Albedo Adaptation
Miosis is a Swedish progressive rock/metal band that have just released their debut album Albedo Adaptation early this year through Lion Music. With a wide range of influences these guys plan to claim a place in the progressive metal world, but do they earn it?
Overall I’d call Miosis’ music more progressive rock than metal, for the average intensity on Albedo Adaptation isn’t very high. There is not much brutality to be found here, they rather put a melody on most of the distorted riffs to create a dreamy atmosphere. They do fool around with rhythms and song structures to a certain degree, but I’m not really hearing something that is groundbreaking.
Vocalist Torin Williams has a good voice with which he is more than capable of holding a tone. Unfortunately he only knows to squeeze one sound out of his vocal chords, which gets boring after a couple of songs, let alone a couple of spins of this record. It gets really monotonous and starts to ruin the overall sound for me.
Frankly I don’t really feel this record at all in the end. It takes too long and it never really takes off, it rather stays in the same place and I wouldn’t exactly call that progressive, right? Ah well, Dream Theater gets away with it, so why not these guys?
Miosis - Albedo Adaptation
57/1001Details Lion Music
Released on Friday Jan 23rd, 2009
Progressive Rock / Metal

Writer @DemonDust on Wednesday Dec 2nd, 2009

Tags: #Miosis
Tracklisting 1. State of Lacuna
2. Once Divine
3. Our Floods
4. Benandanti
5. Flow
6. The Lucid
7. Red
Line up Mattias Axelsson - Drums
Mikael Mangs Edwardsson - Bass
Henrik Von Harten - Guitar
MÃ¥rten Bergkvist - Guitar
Torin Williams - Vocals