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Lathspell - Reborn In Retaliation
Lathspell is a Finnish black metal band that started out in the year 1998. Reborn In Retaliation is the band’s third full length record, again released through Excesor Christianorum Records. Let’s see what these guys are about.
Lathspell play a type of black metal with an emphasis on atmosphere and depression. One can hear influences from traditional Scandinavian bands like Gorgoroth, Marduk and Watain, but also stuff like Ondskapt and Wolves In The Throne Room comes to mind when listening to Reborn In Retaliation. The feeling of despair those bands summon is present here as well. The five songs on this record are quite lengthy, with the shortest one being just over 7.30 and the longest one reaching over 12 minutes. Luckily these Finnish lads never lose grip on their listeners, for the quality of the songs is more than alright.
The production is quite clean and nice to listen to, while it still has that rawness and power that you need from a black metal band. Overall I’d recommend this band to any fan of the genre, you are bound to find something in it you like.
Lathspell - Reborn In Retaliation
78/1001Details Excesor Christianorum Records
Released on Saturday Aug 1st, 2009
Black Metal

Writer @DemonDust on Wednesday Dec 2nd, 2009

Tags: #Lathspell
Tracklisting 1. Throne of Blasphemy
2. Forward the Spears
3. Biovskog
4. Retaliation
5. Only Death Remains
Line up Ruho - Guitar
Grim666 - Bass/Vocals
Lima - Drums
Kostamo - Guitar