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Zero Mentality - Black Rock
Wow, the third record of Zero Mentality is here! It’s entitled Black Rock but actually there is nothing to get excited about. The guys of Zero Mentality play a mixture of rock and hardcore. They are a band from Germany and that’s one thing you’re going to hear the whole album.
When I heard the first song it was like; well ok, this isn’t great but it’s decent. But then the vocalist starts to sing and from there on it goes downhill. He has a really thick German accent, and that’s the problem I have with all German bands with vocals like this. I just can’t listen to it, it really annoys me. At times the vocal department sounds like moaning, so sometimes it was like an amateur German porn movie (listen to the second song ‘Electric Lips’) to me.
The lyrics are in English, but then all of a sudden the third song comes along and they start to sing in German. They do this for two songs in a row but then they switch back to English during these songs, so one part of the song is German and the other part is in English. But then again, to me nearly every song sounds German. The instrumental part of record is decent with some highlights like ‘Black Rock’ and ‘Planet Der Affen’. And with ‘Dead Ember’ they bring a ballad to have a complete album. They end the record with another German song for closure.
This album, that lasts over 30 minutes, is really one for the die hards. If you don’t know these guys yet, it’s for a reason, this is probably not your cup of tea. My advice to these guys is do it like Narziss, a band that combined English lyrics with German but changed and became a band with all German lyrics.

Review by: Roflmao
Zero Mentality - Black Rock
47/1001Details Let It Burn Records
Released on Thursday Oct 1st, 2009
Hardcore / Rock

Writer @DemonDust on Tuesday Dec 15th, 2009

Tags: #Zero Mentality
Tracklisting 01. Black Rock
02. Electric Lips
03. No Salaam No Shalom
04. Planet Der Affen
05. Devils Charity
06. Fragile Heart
07. Mother Said Come Home
08. Feature Dich Selbst
09. Dead Ember
10. Das Ende Vom Lied
Line up Ben – voice
Marcel – drums
Thorsten – guitar
Alan – bass
Niels - guitar