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Christ Hate - Christ Hate
Christ Hate is a new band formed by Lord Buzzsaw, a.k.a. Derek Engemann and James King, both from the U.S. death metal band Unmerciful. As you can depict from the name, this is highly anti-Christian black metal. Although the band has already played over 200 shows in their career, this is their first recorded effort, released by Negativity Records.
Those that know Unmerciful probably know how to translate the death metal sound of that band into a church burning black metal sound. Mister James King isn’t exactly a beginner behind the drum kit, for he has proven himself with bands like Origin and Viral Load next to Unmerciful already. Of course you can expect the same high speeds behind the kit with Christ Hate as well, I’m actually beginning to think he might be able to keep up with Hellhammer’s work with Mayhem. All the other instruments and vocals are handled by Lord Buzzsaw, who plays with a damp yet recognisable guitar sound and possesses an angry, shrieking voice to summon his demons with. The two musicians combined have managed to create some high quality Satan-worshipping black metal which is most likely to appeal to most fans of the genre. Be it that you must like super fast blasting.
The only thing that bothers me a bit is the standard black talk in all the songs. Those lyrics must have been recycled a thousand times by now, yet I guess it doesn’t get old for the true Satanists among us. If you have no problem with this and dig high speed black metal with a more grim and smudgy production, make sure you check out Christ Hate’s self-titled debut!
Christ Hate - Christ Hate
85/1001Details Negativity Records
Released on Monday Aug 3rd, 2009
Black Metal

Writer @DemonDust on Wednesday Dec 16th, 2009

Tags: #Christ Hate
Tracklisting 1. Anthem
2. House of Lies
3. Jesus Is...
4. Weak-Minded Imbeciles
5. Forsaken
6. Hypnos Satanas
7. Liar Messiah
8. Abomination
Line up Lord Buzzsaw (Derek Engemann) - Vocals, Guitar, Bass
James King - Drums