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Coalesce - OX EP
My colleague Brent_ already reviewed the majestic comeback of the long-time running experimental hardcore band Coalesce,in the shape of their new record entitled OX. But that effort didn’t have everything on it the guys had been brewing on for all this time, so they scraped together the leftovers and created the OX EP. Let’s see what these pioneers have to offer in these seven tracks.
This EP Coalesce delivers to us is really an addition to the full length of the same title. One hears the same recording quality and way of songwriting, although the main difference is very apparent. And that is the fact that there are way more moments of rest and modesty on this EP. I must say that I already liked those parts on the full length, especially where they tend to sound a bit like a country act, but on this EP the band has worked out this sound even better. I find those parts really nice to listen to and they deliver a welcome alternation between the regular distorted songs.
Honestly I don’t know whether they should have just put these tracks on the full length already or that this disc is really a release on itself. What I do know is that if you liked the earlier work of this band or just got into it during the OX record, in both cases you will have to check the OX EP out as soon as possible. I for one am anxious to hear how this band evolves, and I am already looking forward to their next European tour for the last one already kicked severe ass. Keep it up guys!
Coalesce - OX EP
80/1001Details Relapse Records
Released on Monday Nov 16th, 2009
Mathcore / Hardcore

Writer @DemonDust on Wednesday Dec 16th, 2009

Tags: #Coalesce
Tracklisting 01. Ox To Ore
02. The Blind Eye
03. Joyless In Life
04. To My Ruin
05. Absent In Death
06. Through Sparrows I Rest
07. Ore To Earth
Line up Sean Ingram – vocals
Jes Steineger – guitar
Nathan Ellis – bass
Nathan "Jr." Richardson – drums
Coalesce,  - The smashing end of a tour
Coalesce, - The smashing end of a tour