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Anstalt Records - Tidbits Of Lunacy
Anstalt Records is a new record label that operates under the Nuclear Blast Records wings. The label is incepted to release underground extreme metal acts. They offer us a promo record (well, download link actually) to discover what they have in their stables. Let’s see what the two bands here have to offer.
Both bands on this promo disc have two tracks to prove themselves. Milking The Goatmachine play some brutal death metal with grindcore, or as they call their style themselves, goatgrind. The tracks ‘Surf Goataragua’ and ‘Sour Milk Boogie’ don’t bring a really refreshing or original sound to the table if you ask me, and if the full length is like this as well I am sure I will get bored really quickly. Mid-tempo bashing with some occasional blasting, we’ve all heard it before.
The second band on this promo sounds more promising. Pitbull Terrorist play a combination of thrash metal and grindcore. They pack a fine groove and the grind parts blast away quite nicely. This band sounds way more credible than the goatguys for sure. This could become quite interesting on a full length record.
I like the idea of Nuclear Blast Records creating a label for underground grindcore and other extreme music, yet on the other hand I don’t exactly hear an awesome addition to the underground scene on this promo record. I personally suggest that fans of extreme underground music just keep looking in the underground for new interesting bands instead of getting them served on a Nuclear Blast plate. There’s way more interesting stuff out there than these two bands. Expect reviews of both bands’ full length records on this site soon.
Anstalt Records - Tidbits Of Lunacy
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Released on Thursday Jan 1st, 1970

Writer @DemonDust on Thursday Dec 17th, 2009

Tags: #Anstalt Records
Tracklisting 01. Milking The Goat Machine - Surf Goataragua
02. Pitbull Terrorist - Dirtbomb
03. Milking The Goatmachine - Sour Milk Boogie
04. Pitbull Terrorist - Corpocrazy
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