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Pitbull Terrorist - C.I.A.
The other signing of Anstalt Records is Pitbull Terrorist, a Finnish thrash/death/grind outfit with a female vocalist. They have released one EP earlier this year and landed a deal for this full length record on this Nuclear Blast sublabel. They have dubbed their style terrorthrash for they of course are real terrorists, just look at their ski masks, and named their record after their worst enemy: the C.I.A. Let’s see what this is about.
The sound of Pitbull Terrorist is quite aggressive and angry. Although thrash metal poeka riffs dominate most of the record, there are many death metal and even some grindy parts to be found on C.I.A. Most of the songs are really short, clocking in at around a minute. There is just one song that passes the two minute barrier, which is nice because this way none of the songs can become boring because they’re finished soon enough.
The eighteen songs on C.I.A. pass by pretty easily, but that is also a bit of the hazard with this record. Sometimes I tend to lose interest and before you know it five songs have already passed by. Vocally miss Ursula does a pretty good job but her vocals get a bit one sided once you get halfway through the record. Also the clean vocal parts which pop up on a couple of occasions (I don’t know if it is Ursula for sure, could be someone else in the band) are not really great. Props to her having hard nipples on the band picture though (c’mon, I hád to make that remark!). Overall it is an enjoyable record, but there is still some work to be done if they want to make a lasting impression on today’s metal scene.
Pitbull Terrorist - C.I.A.
65/1001Details Anstalt Records
Released on Friday Nov 6th, 2009

Writer @DemonDust on Tuesday Dec 22nd, 2009

Tags: #Pitbull Terrorist
Tracklisting 01. No Resurrection
02. The Silencer
03. Ode For The Old
04. Cut Below The Waist
05. The Pig
06. Economaniac
07. Panzerkampfwagen Maus
08. Dirt Bomb
09. The Leak
10. Agent Orange
11. Necessary Evil
12. Guearra
13. You Did Try
14. Let The Gods Do The Fighting
15. Corpocrazy
16. In Confidence
17. Shit Of The System
18. End Of It All
Line up Ursula - vocals
John Keu - guitar, vocals
Jorma 22 - bass
Herald Flinck - drums