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Evil God - Deeds Of The Antichrist
Evil God is an Austin, Texas based black/death metal band that is set to release a full length through Negativity Records. But first they sent us their 2008 EP entitled Deeds Of The Antichrist. Let’s see what these Satanists have to offer us.
After a short intro the first of the three tracks kicks in and we find ourselves in a misanthropic world. Somehow the guitar sound of these guys reminds me of old school Morbid Angel records, yet the overall atmosphere leans more towards black metal, mostly caused by the vocals. Even though the riffs are mostly in the area of technical death metal. The drums on this record are programmed, yet luckily this doesn’t ruin the feel of the music too much. It’s just that the overall mix of the album is a bit weird, I never get the feeling everything moulds together and forms one overwhelming wall of sound.
Overall I’d say Deeds Of The Antichrist gives a nice impression of what these guys are capable of. I hope that for a next effort they are able to find a real drummer and manage to give the songs a more authentic and powerful feel. Their songwriting skills sure are good enough, now let’s see that happen on a full length!
Evil God - Deeds Of The Antichrist
66/1001Details Negativity Records
Released on Wednesday Dec 31st, 2008
Black/Death Metal

Writer @DemonDust on Saturday Jan 23rd, 2010

Tags: #Evil God
Tracklisting 01. Intro
02. Dissociative Fugue State
03. Malignant Narcissist
04 Sleeping Sickness
Line up Dios Malvado (aka Malydios) - Bass, Guitar, Keyboards
Lord Stephen Asteroth (aka Elohim Astharoth) - Vocals, programming
Lucifer Christ - Guitar