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Leverage - Circus Colossus
Isn’t it amazing how some labels manage to choose bands of different metal genres, yet equally as good, catchy and … the same as their other bands? Well, I won’t bitch too much about that with Leverage. The Finnish label Spinefarm Records does have a tendency of signing Bodom-ish bands, yet Leverage has the slight advantage of actually being ‘heavy metal’. Heavy metal, power metal, whatever. It’s the music that counts, right?

And it counts. Even though Pekka Heino is by far no Michèle Luppi, his vocals have a strong medium range, much like that of Vesa Virtanen from countrymen Twilight Guardians (without the heavy Finnish accent). The music is mostly straightforward melodic power metal, but sometimes the melodies and harmonics remind a lot of Swedish progressive metallers Andromeda.
At this point I’m starting to wonder if I’ve peaked your interest. If so, I’m relieved. The mid-paced songs have catchy choruses and sound great with the bass volume turned wide open. Just in case you weren't sure yet about which kind of metal we're talking about. Glad to have cleared that up, you're welcome.

Although there are no real surprises on Circus Colossus, the record is still very much worth listening to if you’re up for a fresh load of melodic power metal. Give it a go. It won’t knock you off your feet, but will give you a chance to kick back, relax and forget about all the Children of Bodom clones for which you take those antidepressants.

Leverage - Circus Colossus
72/1001Details Spinefarm Records
Released on Wednesday Nov 4th, 2009
Melodic Power Metal

Writer @Bastian Blackrain on Tuesday Jan 26th, 2010

Tags: #Leverage
Tracklisting 01. Rise
02. Wolf and the Moon
03. Movie Gods
04. Worldbeater
05. Rider of Storm
06. Legions of Invisible
07. Revelation
08. Don't Keep Me Waiting
09. Prisoners
10. Broken Wings
Line up Torsti Spoof - guitar
Tuomas Heikkinen - guitar
Marko Niskala - keyboards
Pekka Heino - vocals
Valtteri Revonkorpi - drums
Sami Norrbacka - bass