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The Accüsed - The Return Of Martha Splatterhead
1980 is the year The Accüsed formed to start thrashing in a crossover way. I hadn’t even been born yet when these guys started their musical quest. These guys were the first band to release a full length effort on the renowned Earache Records and have survived many hibernations, deaths, trends and other severe obstacles, never changing their style/attitude. Founder and only remaining original member Tommy Niemeyer was also heavily involved in the grunge band Gruntruck, but you know how blood is. Here he is, back with The Curse Of Martha Splatterhead and ready to deliver your daily dose of horrorcore!
Well, the formula has not changed a bit, for The Accüsed still rip it with their hardcore punk and metal crossover sound like it’s still 1986. The authenticity still exhales from this disc while the overall production has been given a boost just a bit (courtesy of the legendary Billy Anderson), creating the perfect mixture between old and new school. Tommy Niemeyer has recruited some great musicians for his band this time, for on bass we find Lesbian bassist Pete and on vocals we find Brad Mowen who has handled drum duties for Burning Witch and Asva as well as currently serving as a singer for Master Musicians Of Bukkake. This shows on the record for it all sounds like a solid whole with a vintage feel and enough conviction to make all the oldies thrash once more for sure!
All in all The Curse Of Martha Splatterhead is a must have for all old school fans of this act and all fans of crossover hardcore/metal. It simply rocks, and I hope this disc will enable these dudes to get out on the road here in Europe and spread the splatter once more! Martha is back, with a vengeance!
The Accüsed - The Return Of Martha Splatterhead
78/1001Details Southern Lord
Released on Tuesday Aug 18th, 2009
Horrorcore / Crossover

Writer @DemonDust on Wednesday Jan 27th, 2010

Tags: #The Accüsed
Tracklisting 01. The Splatterbeast 02:38
02. Stomped to Death 01:35
03. Bodies are Rising 02:01
04. Festival of Flesh 02:39
05. Elijah Black 02:09
06. Scotty Came Back 01:37
07. Hemline 02:34
08. Die Violently 02:00
09. By the Hook 01:36
10. Avenue of the Dead 01:39
11. Fuck Sorry 02:14
12. Martha''s Disciples 01:54
13. Seriously Dead 01:39
14. Splatter Rock II 03:35
Line up Guitar - Tommy Niemeyer
Vocals - B.R.A.D. Mowen
Bass - Pete
Drums - Mike Petersen