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Squad 21 - Skullduggery

And there it is! The third Rock’n’Roll CD in a row. Like Dustsucker and Skeletor this band comes from the ‘Go Nuts Records-corner’ and has, like both other bands, a skull on the cover. All great covers to see but I think it’s a bit of a pity that they all chose the same subject for their covers.

As I said before, again a review of a Rock’n’Roll band, this time it’s called Squad 21. And maybe this band is a bit more known by the Rock’n’Roll fans out there, because it’s build up from the remains of The Squad, the first Rock’n’Roll band of Gus Chambers. In the period between these two ‘squad-bands’ Gus became famous with his presence in the trash-rock band Grip Inc..

Well, enough history for now. Let’s face the music Squad 21 makes on this record. I can be very short about that though. The music is all very energetic but at the same time it’s pretty much the same riffs I hear on the album. Sometimes nice, but overall very, very simple lyrics; just the standard “Punk / Rock’n’Roll antisocial thing”. It’s nice though that after listening the album 2 times, I already was able to sing along, again an album to listen in your car!

‘Skullduggery’: a nice album which definitely makes you move. But besides that there isn’t anything really special I could find on the disc. If you’ve got a car and want to sing along as loud as you can, then this is the music you’re looking for!

Gus Chambers – Vocals
J.H. – Guitar
Mach 2 – Bass
Lutger Weiss – Drums

1. Antisocial
2. Tourist In Space
3. Crossfire
4. Never Change
5. Different Age
6. Wrong Date
7. The Letter
8. Rubber Suzie
9. 21 Guns
10. Power
11. The Flasher
12. Millionaire
13. Scapegoat
14. Kicks

Squad 21 - Skullduggery
65/1001Details Go Nuts Music
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001
Punk / Rock\'n\'Roll

Writer @Boek on Monday Oct 25th, 2004

Tags: #Squad 21
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